Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashionable Fragrances: 'DK Men (Leaded)' Men's Cologne (aka Fuel for Men)

Fragrance = DK Men Leaded Cologne (aka Fuel For Men)
5/5 Stars *****
Designer/Brand =  Donna Karan (now DKNY)
Circa 1994
This is the first official Men's cologne review to appear on this blog. So I am christening this first review with my top Men's colonge of all time, and it is....DK Men (Leaded) by the Donna Karan label. Now DK-Men Leaded (and Unleaded) have been discontinued in their original form since 2002 (when LVMH acquired the company that then owned Donna Karan). The good news is that in 2008 Donna Karan resurrected some of the previous fragrance collection, including this fragrance, and you can find it under the current brand name of Fuel for Men. This cologne is dark, handsome, and sensual, and yet distinguished, and for some trivia I've heard that the original container was shaped artistically to represent the gear shift of a sleek-sports car, so if you fancy yourself to be an undiscovered 007 then this cologne is for you. So, if you are keen you can still purchase this cologne under its new title as Fuel for Men at the Donna Karan Collection site HERE, just click the fragrances button once you get there. Also you can find this same review, as well as reviews for other Fragrances at the facebook Page HERE.

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