Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your Daily Song Post: 'Don't You Evah' by Spoon (2007)

Your daily song post is another one from 2007, so not too new or anything like that, and it is Don't You Evah, by American rock band Spoon. Spoon have been active on the scene circa 1994, they are based out of Austin, Texas, and band members are Britt Daniel (vocals and guitar), Jim Eno (drummer), Rob Pope (bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and backing vocals) and Eric Harvey (keyboards, guitar, percussion and backing vocals). Don't You Evah was actually an EP release by Spoon in April of 2008, but the song first appeared on their July 2007 release album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. The song is a cover of the original Don't You Ever by The Natural History. So there is the daily song, if you like what you've heard you can head over to the band's website HERE for more.

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