Friday, October 14, 2011

Your Oldies Rewind: 'Instant Karma!" by John Lennon (1970)

Your Oldies Rewind is back for this week's post. With the Occupy Wall Street, and various other Occupy movements going on around the globe, and with all of the collapse/pportunity for our western society and culture's to start thinking about trying something new and different I came across this John Lennon song in a movie I was watching and thought it was a good theme song for this whole social global movement thats happening right now....and so here's one for Mr. Lennon :) The song of course is Instant Karma! by legendary English singer/songwriter/cultural icon John Lennon. Like most all of Lennon's songs it extremely powerful in its message, tone, and lyrics, as it invites humanity to make a quantum leap by simple tolerance, open mindedness, and most importantly open-heartedness. Lennon was always considered himself to be a social activist for peace and justice, and so I find this song to be inspirational. Instant Karma! was released as a single by Lennon in 1970, the song hit #3 on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and Cash Box Top 100 charts, while hitting #2 on Canada's Singles Chart and #5 on the UK Singles Chart. If you want to hear about John Lennon's bio then go to his Wikipedia page HERE. Now go out there and Get Your Shine On People! You can change the world!

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