Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your Weekly Song Post: 'Everyone Knows' by Messrs (2011)

This week's feature song goes to Australian indie-dance-electronica group Messrs, and their song Everyone Knows. Messrs (formerly The Touch) are a five-piece indie-dance-pop group from Adelaide, Australia, who have been active for a few years now and consists of members Josh (vocals and percussion),  Shane (guitar, synths, vocals),  Chad (drums),  Justin (guitar, synths), and Craig (bass guitar). Everyone Knows is single off of their latest EP of the same name, which was released on October 7th, 2011 and contains a few different mixes of the song. I really dig their sound, and they are similar to other Australian indie-pop-electro acts such as Strange Talk, Gold Fields, and Cut if you like any of those acts you are sure to like Messrs. If you like you have heard here then be sure to visit their Unearthed page HERE for info and free mp3 download, or you can also check out their Facebook page HERE

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