Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sneaks' Movie Reviews: 'Monsters' (2010)

Movie: Monsters (2010)
Director: Gareth Edwards
Rating: 5/10 Stars *****
Arrrghh, I keep falling farther and farther behind on my movie reviews, will need to seriously catch up at some point. I Saw this on Netflix streaming. Its a sci-fi thriller about a photographer for a big media outlet who is assigned by an company executive to escort his daughter out of Mexico, which has been over-run by alien beings (basically giant floating octopi, which is so over-used by alien sci-fi movies) and back into the USA. This movie was hardly good, but entertaining if you can't decide what else to watch, and I believe their may be some undertones of social commentary going on regarding illegal immigration and the whole US-Mexico anti-immigration mumbo jumbo going on.

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