Thursday, December 6, 2012

Under Neon Movie Reviews: 'Invaders from Mars' (1986)

Movie: Invaders from Mars
Year: 1986
Rating: 5.1/10 Stars *****'
Yes yes, I was on a cheesy 80s sci-fi horror movie binge, but its so addicting. After watching the original 1950s version of this movie I had to sit down with the 80s version once more, and it is essentially the same story with better special effects and alien puppets and what not. It is amazing to me how crap the whole CG industry has made special effects, especially when it comes to monsters, now they are just some digital fake looking cartoonish add-in, whereas when this movie was made they still actually made fully size animatronic monsters which looked way cooler and more real. That aside, the movie doesn't offer much except for cheap thrills and fits the formulaic rural 80s monster/sci-fi movie well, bubblegum, check it out if thats your bag.

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