Friday, February 22, 2013

Under Neon Movie Review: 'Videodrome' (1983)

Movie: Videodrome
Year: 1983
Our Rating: 6/10 Stars ******

Wow! Kind of a crazy movie, but really not far from the truth, and I wouldn't be surprised if the various spy agencies haven't tried/even achieved programming people to be killers/drones like all those conspiracy-theorists believe...maybe even unintentionally. The special effects in this movie are dated, but still worth watching once, though they may creep some out, as the whole premise of the movie is a bit strange and twisted. James Woods was so young in this that you might not recognize him, but that was the early 80s. This one is probably considered a b-movie sci-fi horror classic by now, so if you are into that then check it out.

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