Friday, February 8, 2013

Under Neon Movie Reviews: 'Rawhead Rex' (1987)

Movie: Rawhead Rex
Year: 1987
Rating: 6/10 Stars******

This movie is so dated already, and quite the usual horror/monster massacre flick. An small Irish town finds itself in a bloodbath when a farmer unknowingly frees an ancient monster demon from his tomb. My main complaint with this film is that they really didn't try to fill in the plot at all, just started the rampage...and the end isn't really explained very well either, might leave you confused a bit.  However, if you like monster flicks, you will like Rawhead Rex, and it was one of Clive Barker's first horror films. I found it to be very similar to other 70's-80s-era Horror movies like Prophecy, Pumpkinhead, and An American Werewolf in London.

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