Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under Neon Movie Reviews: 'Contagion' (2011)

Movie: Contagion
Year: 2011
Rating: 7/10 Stars *******

The epidemic movies have sort of formed their own "epidemic thriller" genre over the years, and this one reminds me a lot of so many others (e.g. 'Outbreak). The cast is star-studded, which makes it more interesting and it is worth watching. It is also believable to an extent, in terms of the kinds of things that would happen if such an epidemic (similar to the smallpox epidemics that wiped out the Americas post-Columbus) were to spring up as the self-serving rich and powerful run for the hills only to save themselves whilst leaving the rest of humanity behind to die. Sounds kind of similar to those old Sumerian and biblical deluge stories, but with plague instead of floods.

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