Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Weekly Shuffle: 'Cast Away' by Strange Talk (2012)

Artist: Strange Talk
Song: Cast Away
Year: 2012 Strange Talk - Cast Away from Strange Talk on Vimeo.

Under Neon Movie Reviews: 'O Lucky Man!' (1973)

Movie: O Lucky Man!
Year: 1973
Rating: 9/10 Stars
This is one of the few 'musicals' I can handle watching for 3 hours as it isn't about the characters bursting out into song every few minutes but rather lightly supported with a talented 70's British rock band and vocalist Alan Price, and thus the Soundtrack is definitely worth checking out too. A bit of a wandering storyline the film is long but keeps you entertained and contains lots of social commentary, some about war, some about capitalism, some about the criminal justice system, and some about young ambition too. In the end I think its really about a man who starts out naive and ambitious as trained to be by society, who slowly goes through a process of conscious awakening, and by the end of the film he has to find peace with the world instead of fighting it.  Check it out, its worth it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Weekly Shuffle: 'Young Girls' by Huw Murdoch (2012)

Artist: Huw Murdoch
Song: Young Girls
Year: 2012

Under Neon Movie Reviews: 'C.H.U.D.' (1984)

Movie: C.H.U.D.
Year: 1984
Rating: 6/10 Stars ******

An odd 1980's sci-fi flick, as I really don't think it fits into the horror genre as it is usually placed. I remember seeing this movie cover as a kid at the video store in the late 80s (amongst many others) and thinking that it looked scary, as did most horror movies at that age. Although I find that watching them now seems to burst some kind of illusion that I carried with me all these years that those movies were actually scary when in fact the 80's horror genre were all quite goofy and comical in many ways. And this movie, totally has undertones of environmental responsibility and anti-government secrecy within it, which is always surprising in these sorts of films. Check it out if your looking for something wacky to watch, but don't expect much as the ending leaves you hanging.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Weekly Shuffle: 'Milk' by Theme Park (2012)

Artist: Theme Park
Song: Milk
Year: 2012

Under Neon Movie Reviews: 'Maccheroni' (Macaroni) (1985)

Movie: Maccheroni (Macaroni)
Year: 1985
Rating: 8/10 Stars ********
Another good old Jack Lemmon movie, this one not as old as it was 1985. Also lots of good and interesting shots of Naples Italy, as that is where the movie takes place, and Lemmon is actually the only American in the entire film (co-stars Mastoianni) which makes it more interesting. The plot is kind of crazy, but I like the difference, it is refreshing somehow to watch a movie that doesn't follow a standard line, as long as it is still believable. Check this one out.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Weekly Shuffle: 'Cairo' by Kamp (2011)

Artist: Kamp!
Song: Cairo
Year: 2011

Under Neon Movie Reviews: 'Elsker dig for evigt (Open Hearts) (2002)

Movie: Elsker dig for evigt (Open Hearts)
Year: 2002
Rating: 8.5/10 Stars ********'
Another excellent Danish Susanne Bier movie, and also starring Mads Mikkelsen. A young couple have their lives dashed in a car accident that leaves the young man paralyzed from the neck down. A complicated love affair occurs as a result and a family is shorn apart. Quite a good and believable story, don't watch if your looking for something light-hearted, but do if your looking for a quality foreign film. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Weekly Shuffle: 'Boys Like You' by 360 feat Gossling (2011)

Artist: 360 (feat. Gossling)
Song: Boys Like You
Year: 2011

Movie Reviews: 'Dream a Little Dream' (1989)

Movie: Dream a Little Dream
Year: 1989
Rating: 5.9/10 Stars *****'
This movie was definitely expected to be bigger than it turned out to be at the box office. It is a classic 80s movie just due to the fact that it was a 'Corey's flick.' However, it lacked the solid feeling of a plot, which I think had to due with the lack of acting ability by the 'Coreys,' but what the hell, wasn't this body-switching thing the theme of quite a few 80s flicks, and now there still making them, although The Change Up (2011) was pretty funny. Check this one out if you are an 80s fan, or a Corey's groupie....its kind of weird how this 80s stuff is getting so dated so fast but thats life.