Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Holding On To Black Metal' by My Morning Jacket (2011)

Today's song is Holding On To Black Metal by American indie/roots/pyschedelic rock band My Morning Jacket. My Morning Jacket have been active in music since around 1998, they originate out of Louisville, Kentucky USA, and the band consists of members Jim James (aka Yim Yames)  (vocals, songwriter, guitar), Tom "Two-Tone Tommy" Blankenship (bass guitar), Patrick Hallahan (drums), Carl Broemel (guitars, pedal steel guitarist, saxophone, vocals), and Bo Koster (keyboards, percussion, vocals). Holding On To Black Metal is an April, 2011 release single that will be appearing on their upcoming 6th studio album titled Circuital, which is set to for full release on May 31st, 2011. For more info on that upcoming album you can read the Rolling Stone Review HERE.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Last Days of House Weekly: 'My My My' by Armand Van Helden (2005)

This weekly back-issue of The Last Days of House shuffle goes to to American record producer/DJ/remixer Armand Van Helden and his 2004 club hit My My My. Armand Van Helden hails out of Boston, Massachusetts, USA and has been active in the music biz circa 1990. My My My was released in 2005 on Helden's Nympho album where it peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart that year. More house tracks to come...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = "Jump Into The Fog' by The Wombats (2011)

Today's feature song is Jump Into The Fog by British indie-rock band The Wombats. The Wombats consists of Matthew Murphy (vocals, keyboards, and guitar), Dan Haggis (drums, vocals), and Tord Øverland-Knudsen (bass guitar and vocals), who come at us out of Liverpool, England. The band formed back in 2003 when they met at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, and had released their debut album by 2006. Jump Into The Fog is a new release to come off of their latest album titled This Modern Glitch, which was just released on April 25th, 2011. Check out this song, and their new album!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now They Call Them Oldies: 'A Well Respected Man' by The Kinks (1965)

The result of this week's oldies-shuffle goes to The Kinks and their 1965 song A Well Respected Man. The Kinks were an English-rock/British Invasion band from North-London who got their start back in 1964 and split up in 1996. Ray Davies (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Dave Davies (lead guitar, vocals) were brothers and were the main two members of the group who formed it and stayed in it during it's 32 year life-span. A Well Respected Man was released on their 1965 EP titled Kwyet Kinks and would become one of their most well-known songs and peak at #13 on the US charts upon its releaseStay tuned for more...

Feature Song Of The Day = 'Eskimo Boy' by Strange Talk (2011)

Today's feature song is Eskimo Boy by Australian indie-pop group Strange Talk. Strange Talk are a Melbourne-based group consisting of members Stephen Docker (vocals), Gerard Sidhu (bass guitar), Travis Constable (drums), and Gillan Gregory (guitar). Eskimo Boy comes off of their Strange Talk EP, just released in April 2011, which you can have a listen to at their Soundcloud page HERE, or you can see their official website HERE, or if you're really adventurous you can check out their Unearthed page HERE.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Brief Movie Review for 'Never Let Me Go' (2010)

Director = Mark Romanek
Rating = 3/5 Stars ***
This movie is a sci-fi movie about a group of kids who are raised in a fictional society that makes them donate their organs to their "sponsors" until they die. This allows the sponsors to live extra long lives at the expense of this group of people who are raised specifically to be used as organ donors and then done away with. The story follows a couple of friends as they grow up in a fancy British private school and eventually learn they will be sacrificed as donors (by force, which seems more like extrication then donor-ship to me) when they reach a certain age. This sort of ethical situation is probably not all that far off from how it would really be if the wealthy-class thought they could get away with something like this to extend their own lives at the expense of others. Interesting movie and it will make you think, although definitely not too much humor in this one.

Song Of The Day = 'Resolution Of One' by Guards (2011)

Today's feature song is Resolution Of One, by Anaheim-based lo-fi-rock artist Guards. Guards is actually the solo-project of The Willowz lead-vocalist/guitarist Richie James Follin. This track comes off of the debut self-titled EP, which is available as a free legal download at the Bandcamp site HERE.  This another great track by Guards, and contains that same great sound as the 2 previous songs posted here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Feature Song = 'Contact High' by Architecture In Helsinki (2011)

Today's feature song goes to Australian indie-pop/avant-garde band Architecture In Helsinki and their song Contact High. Architecture In Helsinki are a Melbourne-based indie-pop group who've been active since on the music scene since 2000 and includes members Cameron Bird, Gus Franklin, Jamie Mildren, Sam Perry, and Kellie Sutherland. Contact High is a single just released on April 5th, 2011 and which will appear on their upcoming Moment Bends album also due out on May 3rd, 2011. If you like what you hear you can check out their official website HERE.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Last Days Of House Weekly: 'Toop Toop (Reggae Rock Mix)' by Cassius (2006)

This weekly house track goes to French house-duo Cassius and their 2006 song Toop Toop (Cassius Reggae Rock Mix). Cassius is a French-duo from Paris, France; they've been active on the house-scene since 1988; and the duo consists of producers Philippe Zdar (Philippe Cerboneschi) and Boom Bass (Hubert Blanc-Francard). I am specifically featuring the Reggae Rock Mix here, and by that I mean the 3-minute version of that mix as opposed to the 10 minute one. The original track comes off of their 15 Again album (released September 2006), and this particular mix can be found on the Ministry of Sound Annual 2007 (Australian import). Check it, woot woot!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Now They Call Them Oldies = 'Travelin' Man' by Ricky Nelson (1961)

This week's 'oldie shuffle' result goes to American singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/actor Ricky Nelson and his 1961 #1 hit song Travelin' Man. Ricky Nelson (Eric Hilliard Nelson) was born on May 8, 1940(1940-05-08) in Teaneck, New Jersey, U.S.A. and he was well known for his radio sitcom career, film career, and of course his music career. Nelson is also yet another famous musician to have been tragically killed in an airplane crash, which occurred on December 31st, 1985. Travelin' Man is a classic Nelson song that was released on his Rick Is 21 album in 1961 and which would peak at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Throughout his music career Ricky Nelson would in fact produce fifty-three songs on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100including 19 top 10 hits; all of which led to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on January 21, 1987.

The Last Days of House Weekly Track: 'Insomnia (Monster Mix)' by Faithless (1995)

So now this is happening...posts for Dance/House hits from new to old so get ready. To start it off is a classic 1995 track by British electronica/house/dance group Faithless called Insomnia (Monster Mix). Now I am sure there are heaps of remixes and versions, but the Monster Mix is the one I am preaching about today. Faithless originated out of London, England and consisting of members Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo, and according to their Wikipedia Page they have actually officially split up just this month of April 2011. The group has sold over 15 million records worldwide and this particular remix version comes off of their 1996 release album titled Reverence. So that is the first dance-house-trance track to be featured here, but many more to come, and hopefully even some new ones, and that's all she wrote..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Golden Revolver' by San Cisco (2011)

Today's feature song is Golden Revolver, by Australian indie-pop band San Cisco. San Cisco originate out of Freemantle in Western Australia and consists of members Jordi James (guitar, vocals, and keyboards), Josh Biondillo (guitar, vocals, and keyboards),  Nick Gardner (bass guitar and keyboards), and Scarelett Stevens (drums). Golden Revolver comes off of their February 2011 release EP of the same title. If you like what you've heard then be sure to head over to their MySpace page HERE, or you can even get a free and legal mp3 download of this song at their Unearthed page HERE.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Imagination (I Want You To Know)' by Miami Horror (2010)

Today's featured song is Imagination (I Want You To Know) by Australian electro-pop-disco outfit Miami Horror. Miami Horror is a brilliant four-piece disco-indie-electro-pop group out of Melbourne, Australia which has been active on the music scene since 2007 and consists of members Benjamin Plant (producer), Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan, and Daniel Whitechurch. The group has released an EP titled Bravado (2008), as well as a full studio album titled Illumination (2010). Much of Miami Horror's music has been influenced by 70's and 80's dance-pop and electro-synth-pop, which makes for an interesting mixture going into the 2010s. Imagination (I Want You To Know) comes off of their Illumination album which was released last year in August 2010. Bam!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Veronica' by Tim and Jean (2011)

Today's Feature Song is Veronica, by Australian indie-electro-pop duo Tim and Jean. Tim and Jean are Tim Ayre and Jean Capotorto who come out of Perth, Western Australia. They started up a MySpace page and ended up entering Triple J's Unearthed High School competition for unsigned bands, in which they made it to the finals with the song Come Around. They were later then selected to by that radio station to play at the Parklife Festival. Veronika comes off of their April-2011 release debut album titled Like What.  If you like what you hear you can surely go check out their MySpace page HERE for more songs and band info, or you can also check out their Unearthed page HERE.Like What

A Brief Movie Review for 'The Merry Gentleman' (2008)

Director = Michael Keaton
Rating = 3/5 Stars ***

This was sort of a strange one, and may leave wondering what exactly the point of the plot was...but I suppose their aren't movie-rules that state a movie must leave you feeling that it had some value to you as the viewer. Also, do not that the title and cover of the movie most definitely do not convey the movie at all, in fact if you go by the cover and title you might think it is some sort of early 19th-century-English-romance story. Main character Kelly Macdonald escapes her physically abusive husband and starts a new job in a new city across the country only to be caught up in between a cop who is interested in her and a suicidal killer who seems to be killing off a list of people, although we never actually find out what that is all about in the movie. This movie was not really all that suspenseful or myserious, and I suppose that it is meant to leave lots of open ends and fill-in-the-blanks for the creative movie-viewer type. Wouldn't watch it a second time, but worth watching once.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feature Song of The Day = 'L.A. Lights' by Grum (2010)

Today's feature song is L.A. Lights, by UK electro-artist Grum. Grum (Graeme Shepard) has been active on the synth-electro music scene since 2007 and he originates out of Leeds, UK. L.A. Lights comes off of his May 2010 debut album titled Heartbeats, which I would highly recommend checking out if you are into the synth-electro scene and are fond of artists like Cut Copy, Van She, The Presets, Miami Horror, and Tesla Boy.  If you like what you hear be sure to visit his MySpace page HERE, and note that you can purchase this album now on ITunes or Amazon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Now They Call Them Oldies: 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' by Procol Harum (1967)

This week's 'Oldie' goes to British rock band Procol Harum and their 1967 debut #1 song A Whiter Shade Of Pale. This song was released in May of 1967 on their self-titled debut album, and went to #1 on the  UK Singles Chart in June, and stayed there for 6 weeks, and it would turn out to be their best known song years later. Procol Harum originated out of Richmond, London, UK and consisted of Gary Brooker, Keith Reid, Matthew Fisher, Ray Royer, David Knights. According to their Wikipedia page the band was named an acquaintance's burmese cat, and that the name is actually latin for "beyond these things." Come back next week to see the results of the next oldies list shuffle!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fragrance Review for 'Allure Homme Sport' Cologne For Men (2004)

Fragrance = Allure Homme Sport for men (2004)
Brand = Chanel 
Rating = 5/5 
Now, I have many favorite fragrances, and I will review them all, but Allure Homme Sport (Eau de Toilette) for men is one of my favorite favorites for sure.This pungent and sporty fragrance was introduced by Chanel in 2004 and it is one that will most definitely announce your presence when you enter a room. This brilliant fragrance lasts all day long, so I recommend it to those of you who are looking to receive comments on how good you smell and also who want one that lasts (T'is not for the timid or subtle). It has been described as containing cedar, orange, aqua, white musk, amber, and tonka basically you have to smell it, and it is most definitely sporty, casual, or dressy. I highly recommend this fragrance to those who want to noticed.

A Brief Movie Review for 'The River' (1951)

Director = Jean Renoir
Rating = 5/5 Stars *****

A Beautiful movie really, and makes me want to go to India too, although I might be a bit skittish about all of the wild cobras hanging about. This is quite a good movie and different from standard formulas, and is old enough to dodge much of that too which is nice. Good cinematography, especially for the 1950's, which makes it seem very inviting and almost a heavenly place really (always sunny). The Radha dance is amazing too, which is why I used it as the video-preview below, but you should also check out the trailer for the full preview HERE. and you have to see it to know what I am talking about. Check this one out for sure.

Feature Song of the Day = 'Miss Adventure' by Sons Of Rico (2010)

Today's feature song goes to Australian indie-rock-pop band Sons Of Rico and their song Miss Adventure. Perth-based Sons Of Rico (associated with Birds Of Tokyo) have been active on the Aussie-rock scene since 2004 and is made up of members Alex MacRae (vocals and guitar), Brett Murray (keyboards), Glenn Sarangapany (guitar and vocals), Rob Stephens (bass guitar), James Trewenack (bass guitar), and Adam Weston (drums). Miss Adventure comes off of their latest album titled Reactions, which was released in October of 2010. For more info on the band you can check out their MySpace page HERE.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Song Of The Day = 'Bad Gal' by Savage Skulls & Douster (feat Robyn) (2010)

Today's feature song goes to Savage Skulls & Douster (feat Robyn) and their song Bad Gal. This poppy dance-floor filler is really a collaboration between tropical-house artists Savage Skulls (Carli Lof and Mans Glaeser), Douster (Hugo Douster), and Swedish singer/songwriter Robyn. Bad Gal was released in September 2010 as a bonus track on Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 2 album, and the music video (as seen below) was released in January 2011. It can also be found on the Savage Skulls and Douster Get Rich Or High Tryin' Digi-EP. Don't miss this one, especially if you're looking to fill some dance floors.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Brief Movie Review for 'Conversations With Other Women' (2005)

Director = Hans Canosa
Rating = 3.5/5 Stars ***'

This movie is about a ex-couple who have reunited after 9 years, and find out what they each have been up to and how they both still harbor feelings for each other. They use the split-screen technique which is rarely seen, annoying at first, but actually effective as you get to see both actors faces during conversations (which is what this movie is all about) and thus get more out of them. Check this one out, its worth watching, although I doubt I'd watch again.

Michael Pawlyn Do-Lecture: Bio-Mimicry and Learning from Nature

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'The Gordon Shumway Experiment' by Yae!Tiger (2011)

Today's feature song goes to Australian indie-rock band Yae!Tiger and their song The Gordon Shumway Experiment. Yae!Tiger are a Newcastle-(Australia)-based rock band who have been active on the music scene since 2007 and consists of members Vincent Scagnetti, Brooke Cotton, Cat St Clare, Ska Macaque, and Jill Reeves. The Gordon Shumway Experiment comes off of their latest album Casualty Of The Avalanche, which was just released on February 11th, 2011. For more information on the band or their music then check out their website HERE, or get the free and legal mp3 download of this song at their Unearthed page HERE.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Episode 1 Part 1

Great Show, be sure to check it out, and here's to The Food Revolution ;-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feature Song = 'What Will Be Will Be' by The Green (2010)

And the song of the day is...What Will Be Will Be, by Hawaiian island-music group The Green. The Green come from Honolulu and Kailua on the island of Oahu and consists of JP Kennedy (Guitar & Vocals), Caleb Keolanui (Lead Vocals), Zion Thompson (Guitar & Vocals) and Ikaika Antone (Keys & Lead Vocals). The group formed in April of 2009 and have since released a self titled studio album which is now available on ITunes. For more information and music head on over to the artist's website HERE.

A Brief Movie Review for 'Shades Of Ray' (2008)

Movie = Shades Of Ray (2008)
Director = Jaffar Mahmood
Rating = 3/5 Stars ***

Shades Of Ray is a romantic comedy about an American with a Pakistani father and Caucasian mother, and focuses on his struggles with being bi-racial and how that affects his romantic life. Good movie, the characters get a little irritating at times and are somewhat believable, but I do think this movie addresses issues of race and ethnicity well, in that it shows how despite the world being supposedly past racial/ethnicity issues that there are still massive hurdles that romantic partners and everyday people of different backgrounds have to deal with that makes their lives harder than they already are. Also it is a romantic comedy so its not that serious.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Feature Song of The Day = 'I See It Coming' by Guards (2010)

Today's feature song is I See It Coming, by Anaheim-based lo-fi-rock artist Guards. Guards is actually the solo-project of The Willowz lead-vocalist/guitarist Richie James Follin. This track comes off of the debut self-titled EP, which is available as a free legal download at the Bandcamp site HERE.  This another great track by Guards, and contains that same great sound. Booyakasha!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fragrance Review for 'Davidoff Cool Water Game' Cologne for Men (2006)

Fragrance = Cool Water Game for men (2006)
Brand = Davidoff
Rating = 4.5/5 Stars ****

This brief fragrance review is for Davidoff's Cool Water Game cologne, for men. I love this fragrance as it has that fresh/sporty/summery tone to it that if summed up into one word would be 'refreshing.' There is also a hint of watermelon or something similar which adds well to the over-all tone of freshness. Cool, easy going, and refreshing are all characteristics that I enjoy in people, and in this case in fragrances too. I discovered this fragrance when buying another fragrance as the store gave me a free sample of body wash/shampoo for this fragrance and I really liked it. I have read others complain about the scent not lasting more than a couple of hours, but in my experience it has lasted just as long as most of my other colognes, which is about 10 hours/most of the day. Be sure to check this fragrance out if you like fresh and sporty fragrances.

Now They Call Them Oldies = 'I Want To Tell You' by The Beatles (1966)

The results for this week's Part 1 of Oldies shuffling goes to The Beatles, and their 1966 song I Want To Tell You. I Want To Tell You was written by George Harrison and released on the 1966 Revolver album (one of my favorites by The Beatles, which is why it comes up on my playlist so often). According to the Wikipedia page the Revolver album was released in anticipation that it's focus more on the electric-guitar-rock sound as opposed to the folk-rock sound on their previous album, which would help to introduce a new phase in the group's recording career, and of course it reached #1 on both the UK and US album charts and remained their for a number of weeks on each chart. Check out the Wikipedia page link above for more trivia and info. So there is Part 1, Part 2 to be posted soon, thanks for stopping

Feature Song of the Day = 'We Own The Night (feat Mantra and Urthboy)' by Drapht (2011)

Today's feature song is We Own The Night, by Australian hip-hop artist Drapht (featuring Mantra and Urthboy). Drapht (Paul Ridge) has been active on the Australian hip-hop scene since 1998 or so and he comes out Perth in Western Australia. Drapht is also a member of the Syllaboliks (SBX) crew, which is made up of all fellow Australian hip hop artists from Perth. We Own The Night comes off of his latest album titled The Life Of Riley, which was just released on April 1st, 2011. I have already posted the first single to come off of that new album which I would also highly recommend checking out if you like what you hear, and you can head over to his MySpace page to do just that HERE. I also highly recommend checking out Urthboy and Mantra (the guest-artists on this song). Would be awesome if the new album shows up on the US ITunes Store!!Life of Riley

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Umm Yeah I Surf' by Ross De Chene Hurricanes (2011)

Today's song is...Umm, Yeah I Surf, by Australian indie-garage-rock band Ross de Chene Hurricanes. Ross de Chene Hurricanes originate out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and consists of members Justin Kuchel (on Drums), and Mark Doman (on Vocals and Guitar). Umm Yeah I Surf is a new single released in March 2011 and is available for free download at their Unearthed page HERE.  For any further info on this band check out their MySpace page HERE, or you can still get the free and legal Kicking The Jams digital EP by them at their website HERE.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Brief Movie Review for 'White On Rice' (2009)

Director = Dave Boyle
Rating = 3.5/5 Stars ***

White On Rice was refreshing for me to watch just because it is actually different from the typical formulas. The movie revolves around hyperactive (almost ADD) Jimmy, a Japanese expat living in America (as well as an ex-movie-actor out of work) with his sister and her family whom he manages to drive up the wall on a regular basis. You don't see many English movies (although not all of this is in English) about Asian-American families, and that is really what made this movie entertaining and interesting for me. I would watch it a second time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feature Song of The Day = 'Dancing With The Devil' by Wolf Gang (2011)

Today's feature song is Dancing With The Devil, by English indie-rock band Wolf Gang. Wolf Gang is a relatively new London-based project headlined by singer/guitarist/songwriter Max McElligott. Dancing With The Devil is a single off of their self-titled EP, which was just released in the USA on March 15th, 2011. Wolf Gang have also recorded their first LP titled Suegro Faults, which is set to be released sometime in mid-2011, so stay tuned for that, I know I am.