Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's Feature Song = 'DO! DO! DO!' by Carte Blanche (ft. Kid Sister)

Today's feature song is DO! DO! DO! by French electronica DJ duo Carte Blanche (ft. Kid Sister). Carte Blanche is a collaboration between French DJ/producer DJ Mehdi and British DJ/musician Riton, and they join forces with Chicago-based rap-artist Kid Sister who provides the vocals. However, if you head over to Kid Sister's Facebook page HERE, you can still obtain a free and legal copy of her newest mixtape (in zip/mp3 format) titled Fool's Gold, which includes this track on it and was mixed by Nick CATCHDUBS. The other tracks on that mixtape are also worth checking out. You can also head over to DJ Mehdi's MySpace page HERE.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'No Pleasin'' by BOOM! BAP! POW!

Today's feature song is No Pleasin' by Australian pop-roots-soul group BOOM! BAP! POW! BOOM! BAP! POW! have been active on the Australian music scene since 2009, thye originate out of Perth in Western Australia, and the band consists of members David Salvaire (drums), Paul Hines (guitar), Clint Bracknell (bass guitar), Novac Bull (vocals), and Dylan Hooper (saxophone). They have released a debut studio album (although this single is not on it) in May of 2009 titled You Got It So Bad for BOOM! BAP! POW!, which I have confirmed is currently available on ITunes and Amazon. This song appears to be a single release, and it is still available as a free and legal mp3 download on their Unearthed page along with a couple of other songs HERE. You can also check out their MySpace page HERE for more info on the band and their gigs and other such things.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Brief Book-Series Review for 'The Belgariad' by David Eddings (1982-1984)

This brief book review is for the entire Belgariad series, which consists of 5-books written by author David Eddings, and which was published in its entirety between the years of 1982 and 1984. This includes the five books in order as follows: Pawn of Prophecy (1982), Queen of Sorcery (1983), Magician's Gambit (1983), Castle of Wizardry (1984), and Enchanter's End Game (1984). This series is my personal favorite fantasy-adventure-series of all time, bar-none! In my opinion the film-industry is crazy for not doing something with these books. While reading these books one gets the idea that they were written in a screenplay format, in that they could quite easily take every line and scene and quite easily transform it into a film or tv-series if some director/producer desired to do so (Peter Jackson, this one is calling to you!). The most amazing part about these books in my opinion are the human interactions which involve rich details of all the different cultures and lands, their rich histories and socio-cultural-economic nuances. You will leave this series feeling as if you knew each one of the characters intimately, which in my experience not many authors are able to do as well as David Eddings, in fact many sci-fi-fantasy-adventure authors seem to focus most of their attention and energy on producing a compelling or formulaic storyline. While the basic plot of the books may be similar to others there is a richness in the small details that makes them so compelling. To top it all off there is a lot of real-world style politics that goes in this epic series, and it is a great series for young readers to dig into as it will actually teach them something about human interactions, basic politics and economics, as well as the glory and terror of war. That may sound like I have really over-rated this series, but I tell you this, I have hardly just begun. Definitely check this series out, even if you are not into sci-fi or fantasy-adventure books, everyone has something to get out of these books. Also, before I go I would like to add that according to his Wikipedia Page David Edding's wife Leigh Eddings was actually an un-credited co-author on several of his earlier books (including the entire Belgariad and his companion series the Mallorean), and so I would just like to acknowledge her contribution to this series of books as well. For those of you who have read it I just stumbled across this video of someone's own animated-interpretations of settings in these books, and its always good to have a video on a vlog-post. Enjoy!

Feature Song of the Day = 'Dance the Way I Feel' by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Today's feature song is Dance the Way I Feel by British synth-pop group Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool (which means 'where is the swimming pool' in French) originate out of Camden, London UK and consisted of members Charles Haddon (ex-lead singer, is now deceased), Joe Hutchinson, and Caan Capan. This song was the first debut single by the group, and it was initially released in September 2009 as a limited edition 7" vinyl, until November 2009 when it was released in 3 other formats. It was then re-released on the the band's debut album titled The Golden Year in October 2010. The release of that album was delayed from its original release date when the lead vocalist Charles Haddon tragically committed suicide on August 20th, 2010  following a performance in Belgium, and so I dedicate this post in honor of his memory as well as to honor his friends and family. On another note Dance the Way I Feel clenched the #3 spot on the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2010 just last week.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'It Can Wait (ft. Owl Eyes)' by Illy

Today's feature song is It Can Wait (ft. Owl Eyes)by Australian hip-hop artist Illy. Illy (real name Al Murray) comes out of Melbourne, Australia and was originally a member of Crooked Eye but eventually went solo with the release of his debut album Long Story Short in 2009. It Can Wait comes off his 2nd studio album titled The Chase (released in October 2010) which as an album peaked at #25 on the Australian Album chart. It Can Wait was also just recently featured as #29 on the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown for 2010. Illy is yet another of the many talented Australian hip-hop mcee's and I hope to hear more from him in the future. If you like what you hear you can find this song and album on ITunes and Amazon, and be sure to check out Illy's Myspace page HERE.

A Brief Movie Review for 'My Man Godfrey' (1936)

AMovie = My Many Godfrey (1936)
4.5/5 Stars ****
My Man Godfrey (1936) is quite entertaining and an interesting story. Godfrey, starts out as a character living during the Great Depression (as the film was 1936) in a dump by the river with lots of other 'ready to and willing to work' homeless characters. He is approached by some drunken young wealthy socialites to partake in a game at random, and he winds up landing a job as their butler. With time we learn that there is more to Godfrey's story then originally thought, and it makes for an interesting movie. Well done, and apparently they remade it in 1957 too. Also contains some interesting socio-economic commentary.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mentionable Mashups: 'Shame (at Nite)' by Party Ben

Shame (at Nite) is yet another brilliant mashup by DJ/VJ/mashup artist Party Ben. Its a   smooth blend of Day N' Nite (2008) by Kid Cudi, and Shame (1978), by Evelyn "Champagne" King. If you like this mashup then I highly recommend you head over to Party Ben's website HERE.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Feature Song of the Day = 'Big Jet Plane' by Angus and Julia Stone

Ok, so in lieu of clenching #1 on Triple J's Hottest 100 Countdown of 2010 on Australia Day (yesterday), I have dubbed today's featured song Big Jet Plane by Australian brother and sister folk-blues duo Angus and Julia Stone. Angus and Julia Stone are brother and sister, they have been active on the Australian music scene since 2006, and they originate out of Sydney, Australia (Northern Beaches region). This song also won the ARIA Awards for Album of the Year (Down The Way), Best Adult Alternative Album, and Single of the Year. The EP is also titled Big Jet Plane, and it was released in May of 2010, which incidentally can be purchased on Amazon and ITunes. Be sure to check it out, and also be sure to check out the Hottest 100 results for 2010, there are heaps of great songs and artists on the countdown that you may or may not have heard before...I will be featuring many of the songs from that countdown in the coming weeks on this vlog as well. Peace out.

A Brief Movie Review for 'The Extra Man' (2010)

Movie = The Extra Man (2010)
4/5 Stars ****

The Extra Man is definitely not your typical formula movie, and this is a good thing as it makes it much more interesting. Kevin Kline plays the role that I can't imagine too many others being able to pull off as well as Kline can. Paul Dano always does a good job, and his character is also not your average formula role. I was surprised to see Katie Holmes, I didn't think Tom let her out of the house these days, especially since he kept her from re-starring in 'The Dark Knight," but she is still acting apparently which is good to see. Check this one out when you get the chance.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Rubber Room' by Fantine

Today's feature song is Rubber Room by Russian-born indie-electro-soul-fusion singer Fantine. Fantine was born in Russia, and has since lived with her family in Perth-Australia, The Dominican Republic, and Russia, and according to wikipedia she claims all 3 countries as her home and she claims that this is partly what gives the different elements to her musical style. Fantine has worked as guest vocals with artists Space Invadas and Lupe Fiasco in the past and now Rubber Room is her first solo-single-release. She is said to be currently working on her first EP, which is titled Rubber Room and includes this song. Apparently the actual mustic video is not available on YouTube yet so you will have to watch the brief making of the video below, or head over to her Unearthed Page and listen to/download the free mp3 version HERE. Big ups yoself!

#29 of VJ Samsonite's Top 100 80's Dance Hits Countdown: 'Our Lips Are Sealed' by The Go-Go's (1981)

Greetings 80's fans, we are now in the 20's range of the Top 100 80's Dance Hits Countdown! So, without delay, #29 of the countdown is Our Lips Are Sealed by all female American Rock-pop group The Go-Go's. The Go-Go's started out on the music scene back in 1978 in Los Angeles, California and they are hailed as the first all-female rock band who played all of their own instruments, wrote all of their own songs, and that produced top Billboard Hot 100 hits. When they made it big in the early 1980's the band consisted of members  Belinda Carlisle (vocals), Jane Wiedlin (guitar, vocals),  Kathy Valentine (bass), and Elissa Bello (drums). Their debut album titled Beauty and the Beat (released in July of 1981) peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart and it is considered by many to be one of the true cornerstone new wave albums that paved the way for the genre at that time. That very same album would reach double platinum status, making it one of the most successful debut albums of all time. Incidentally, Our Lips Are Sealed was the first track on that very album and in the year 2000 Rolling Stone magazine named it one of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs of All Time. Our Lips Are Sealed would peak at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, #10 on U.S. Billboard Club Play Singles chart, #2 on the ARIA Singles chart, and #47 on the UK Singles chart. No doubt The Go-Go's hit it big in the 80's, and thus I knew I had to include at least one of their songs on this countdown. Apparently this song was covered by the Duff sisters in 2004. Well there is #29, stay tuned for #28 and may the force be with you...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mentionable Mashups: Party Ben - 'Boulevard of Flashing Lights'

Its been a while since I posted any mashups, and there are heaps of them out there, and some of them are quite brilliant too. This one is Boulevard of Flashing Lights by mashup artist/DJ Party Ben, and is a mashup of Kanye West, Green Day, and Oasis. Chickity check it! *To view the actual mashup-music-video to this song by Party Ben go to the  YouTube link HERE and sign in.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brief Movie Review for 'Out of the Past' (1947)

 Out of the Past (1947)
3/5 Stars ***
Another Robert Mitchum movie, which includes Kirk Douglas as well as a few others. A story about Mitchum's character, who works as a sort of bounty-hunter who is hired by Kirk Douglas's wealthy and corrupt character to retrieve a very clever and sneeky beautiful old girlfriend of his. The story stays interesting throughout and it doesn't end exactly how you might expect, so check it out, its a good flick for a night in.

Feature Song of the Day = 'Till Im Gone' by Elke

Today's feature song is Till I'm Gone by 5-piece Australian indie-electro band Elke. I have posted songs by Elke (and by their side project band Dolphins)before on this vlog, but I will give a bit of info nonetheless...They are from Brisbane, Australia and they started out as a weekend recording band back in 2007, and band members first names are Zack, Joel, Dave, Jim, and Jesse . Till I'm Gone comes off of their Blue Dream Lover EP, which was their first body of work, and it was on ITunes store, but upon a current search it appears that ITunes (the US-store anyway) has taken this EP off their database?? If you want a little more info on the band you can check out their Myspace page HERE, and even find some free and legal mp3 downloads at their Unearthed page HERE.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brief Book Review for 'Creating Money' (1988) (book by Author's Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer)

Book = Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (1988)
Authors = Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
5/5 Stars ***** 

Ok, so I just finished reading this book, titled Creating Money by authors Sanaya Roman and Duance Packer for the 6th time!! I read somewhere that advertising company research over the years has revealed that if you are exposed to a commercial or an idea/set of ideas 5-6 times or more that the ideas and their underlying assumptions/suggestions start to absorb subconsciously in the viewer/reader. That is exactly why I have read this book for the 6th time (all in the last 2 years), as it really contains so many new beliefs about money and abundance and how all that works in life that I now choose to have as my own thoughts and beliefs. I am also writing this review in the hopes of inspiring at least a few of you to at least check the book out and thus have a real opportunity to change some things, as well as to shake loose some of the more unhappy rigid structures/patterns in your live's. Now, don't get me wrong here, this book isn't going to guarantee you will get rich or anything so common like that. What this book might do, and has done for me, is help you begin to think of money and material abundance as well as spiritual abundance in new ways that can help you to evolve out of your old life-long patterns/habits surrounding money and everyday living (particularly those that you would deep down love to change). So there is my sales-pitch if you can call it that, but I must say that this book is really just a beginning, as there is a lot of work to be done to re-program your own deep-seated beliefs and stubborn patterns, and it requires that you actually be open to new ideas and new possibilities instead of thinking that you already know it all. For me, it has been a long process, but I have started to see small changes here and there, and in real life, and in my own experience that is how it seems to work, small forward steps here and there that add up to larger changes over a period of time. So, with all of that said, I highly recommend this book to all of you who are open to expanding your reality and to opening up to new ideas. I believe that William Shakespeare said it best: "There are more things in heaven and earth...Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." -Hamlet Act 1, scene 5, 159–167

Click here to check out Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer's website for more information about them and their works.

#30 of VJ Samsonite's Top 100 80's Dance Hits Countdown: 'Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car' by Billy Ocean (1988)

Welcome back once again to the Top 100 80's Dance Hits Countdown (by VJ Samsonite). Today we are presenting #30, and the song is  Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car by British singer/performer Billy Ocean. Billy Ocean was born in Fyzabad, Trinidad in January of 1950, and moved with his family to Romford, Essex, England with his family at the age of 8. Now most of you will definitely remember this song from the late 1980's, and I specifically have a memory of drinking fruit punch Kool-Aid at a friends house and watching Billy Ocean's music video for this song on MTV, ahh..the memories. This song was a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the Australian Charts, and the Hot R&B Songs chart. It would peak at #3 on the UK charts. One other interesting fact about this song that I had totally forgotten is that it was featured on the soundtrack of the 1988 teen adventure movie License to Drive, which featured 80's-duo Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, who were still basking in the success of the previous year's 1987 cult classic The Lost Boys. In fact, I think I even have a License to Drive keychain, and have no idea how I would ended up with it, but I figure I must have acquired it in a Disneyland trip that year, you know, when they were still doing Star Tours and Michael Jackson's 3D Captain EO...those were the days. In fact I wonder if I could even find a copy of License to Drive today, I bet it would be difficult to locate one. Well, enough reminiscing for now...stay tuned for #29! Apparently the original video is good, but YouTube has disabled embedding so this one will have to do.

Featured Song of the Day = 'First Base' by Convaire

Today's feature song is First Base, by Australian indie-electro-pop group Convaire. Convaire is a 4-piece band from Sydney, Australia which consists of John Towey (guitars), sisters Liz and Jane Slattery (keysboards) and Dan Talbot (bass guitar). First Base is a single, and it was released in December of 2010. According to their Unearthed Page HERE, they are set to release an EP in early 2011, and as a matter of fact they have the entire EP available as a free and legal download HERE, so be sure to check it out.  Also, be sure to check out their Myspace page HERE for more general band info.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Featured Song = 'Fashion' by Grum

Today's featured song is Fashion, by UK electro-artist Grum. Grum (Graeme Shepard) has been active on the synth-electro music scene since 2007 and he originates out of Leeds, UK. Fashion comes off of his May 2010 debut album titled Heartbeats, which I would highly recommend checking out if you are into the synth-electro scene and are fond of artists like Cut Copy, Van She, The Presets, Miami Horror, and Tesla Boy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's Featured Song = 'Faithful (Gloves China White Club Dub)' by World's End Press

Today's feature song is Faithful (Gloves China White Club Dub by Australian indie-electro band World's End Press. World's End Press originate out of Melbourne, Australia and Faithful (Gloves China White Club Dub) comes off of their October 2010 release EP titled Faithful, which incidentally can now be purchased on ITunes and Amazon. This group has a dance-electro sound that is refreshing and poppy. If you like what you hear, be sure to also visit their Myspace page HERE. Triple J Hottest 100 Vol 17

Renewable Energy Update: Did You Know You Can Get Free Solar on Your Home in Eight US States? (OR, CA,TX, MA, PA,CO, AZ, NJ)

There are now at least eight states in the US where you can get a free solar system to supply your home’s electricity at a lower rate than your utility does. The eight states of OR, CA,TX, MA, PA,CO, AZ, and NJ) now allow private companies to compete with their utilities that sell power by the kilowatt hour, through a “lease” or a power purchase agreement, or PPA. For more info check out the article HERE.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brief Book Review for: 'The Golden City' (Author John Twelve Hawks) (2009)

 4/5 Stars ****
The Golden City is a novel by action/sci-fi author John Twelve Hawks. It was released in the USA in September of 2009, and it is the 3rd book in the Fourth Realm Trilogy. I highly recommend this series if you are a fan of sci-fi adventure books that have a fast pace and lots of action (eg Dan Brown books), because I can tell you by experience that you will not want to put this book down and will likely read the entire thing in one or just a few sittings. The 3 books in this trilogy follow a Harlequin-warrior named Maya and a Traveler named Gabriel, and many of the people around them as they fight an endless battle against a secret organization called the Tabula (aka the Brethren) who control the human population via most of the governments in the world, corporations, surveillance systems, financial transactions, and 1984-style Big Brother tactics. The whole lot of which is termed the Vast Machine. So they are the resistance fighting the never-ending struggle against this Vast Machine and those who seek total control and total force over all humanity. The themes are very similar to those of The Matrix, and they confront real life realities about many of the new technologies that have actually infiltrated our global society, the erosion of privacy and individual freedoms in the name of security, and of course what it all means from a somewhat schizophrenic point of view...its just a story kids....really...Check this trilogy out if you are into sci-fi, conspiracy thrillers, and lots of action.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Featured Song of the Day = 'Wilson' by The Salvadors

Today's featured song is Wilson by Adelaide based Australian indie-pop group The Salvadors. The Salvadors consist of first names only Tom ( vocals/guitar), Eddy (guitar), Jeff (bass guitar), Eugine (drums), and Cat (keyboards). The Salvadors certainly are making waves in Oz, and I recommend you check out this song as well as their others, which incidentally are available on ITunes and Amazon right now. Wilson is a more recent single, released in November, 2010. If you like what you heart I would also recommend that you to go to their Unearthed Page HERE for more band info as well as the fact that there are still some free and legal MP3 downloads by the Salvadors available on that page as well. Also, be sure to check out their Myspace page HERE. Everytime I hear the name Wilson, it makes me think of that Tom Hanks movie and the volleyball he names Wilson...I know, I know...just enjoy the song everybody. Misspent Youth Ep

Featured Song of the Day = 'I Look to You (feat. Kimbra)' by Miami Horror

Today's featured song is...I Look to You (feat. Kimbra) by Australian electro-pop-disco outfit Miami Horror. Yes, you have seen them on this vlog before, but this album is good and not that well known so I am posting another song from it. Miami Horror is a four-piece group out of Melbourne, Australia which has been active on the music scene since 2007 and consists of members Benjamin Plant (producer), Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan, and Daniel Whitechurch. The group has released an EP titled Bravado (2008), as well as a full studio album titled Illumination (just released in August of 2010) from which today's song comes off of. Much of Miami Horror's music has been influenced by 70's and 80's dance-pop and electro-synth-pop, which makes for an interesting mixture going into the '10s. I Look to You features guest vocals from Australian singer/songwriter Kimbra who has a new album out titled Settle Down, so be sure to check out her Myspace page HERE for more info on her and her music.  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brief Movie Review: 'The Kings Speech' (2010)

The King's Speech (2010)
5/5 Stars *****

Very well done movie, and I would be surprised if there aren't some Academy Awards in store here, and as I found out earlier tonight there already have been some Golden Globes awarded. I am pretty sure this is based on 'true events' and character portrayals of the British Royal family just pre-WWII. King George VI, who had a speech defect, and his trials with dealing with making lots of public speeches as well as the politics of an looming war with Germany. It is interesting how the little things, the small victories lead to larger ones, such as the development of the right leaders at the right times to ward off the complete dominance of Nazi-Germany in Europe. This movie has the highest quality acting I have seen in quite a long time, don't miss it!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

#31 of VJ Samsonite's Top 100 80's Dance Hits Countdown: 'Good Times' by INXS and Jimmy Barnes (1987)

Now for #31 of the Countdown...Good Times by Australian rock collaboration INXS and Jimmy Barnes. INXS were a bigtime 80's rock band that arose out of Sydney, Australia in 1977 and who would achieve international success with many albums and songs in the 1980's and 90's. INXS as they were in the 80's consisted of members  Garry Gary Beers (bass guitar), Andrew Farriss (guitar/keyboards), Jon Farriss (drums), Tim Farriss (lead guitar), and Kirk Pengilly on (guitar/saxophone). For twenty years, INXS was lead by Michael Hutchence as their lead vocals, and no doubt the icon INXS's rock star image. On Novemeber 22nd, 1997 Hutchence was found dead in his Sydney hotel room, later to be ruled by the coroner's and autopsy reports as a suicide whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Following the death of Hutchence the band didn't play publicly for a year or so, but then they started up again and continue to play to this day, although never quite the same. Jimmy Barnes on the other hand, was a Scottish born-Australian rock-singer and songwriter. According to his Wikipedia page, Barnes currently holds the title of the Australian rock artist with the highest number of hit albums. In 1973 Jimmy Barnes joined a band named Cold Chisel, until the early 1980's when he began his solo career. In 1986 Jimmy Barnes and INXS recorded 2 songs together, Good Times (which was a cover of the original 1968 release-song by the Easybeats), and Laying Down the Law, both of which would appear on the 1987 teen horror film soundtrack of a true 80's-movie classic (one of my personal favorite 80's movies), a little Joel Schumacher film called The Lost Boys. Good Times would reach #2 on the ARIA charts, #16 on the UK Singles chart, and #47 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Good Times was also used to to promote the national Australia Made series of concerts that took place between Boxing Day 1986 and Australia Day 1987. This is one of those pub favorites that simply cannot be left off of this countdown, and it is most definitely dance-able. So there is #31, now we are getting down to it folks, #30 is next and then the 20's is in...stay tuned.

Featured song of the Day = 'Since You Left Me' by Positive Motion

Today's featured song is...Since You Left Me, by island-reggae group Positive Motion. Now, I have yet to find an artist bio on Positive Motion other than the fact that they are based out of Pahoa, Hawaii. If you are looking for that information I don't have it as of yet, sorry. Do be sure, however, to check out their Myspace page HERE, and you can find this single and another one titled Table for Two, up on ITunes now. Enjoy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Acousticica: 'Back to Back" by Wolf Gang

Check this one out, already posted the recorded studio version, now here is an unplugged one..good stuff, stoked for the record to come out! (Wolf Gang, from London, UK).

Be sure to check out their Myspace Page at:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brief Movie Review for 'El Triunfo' (2006)

El Triunfo (2006)
4/5 Stars **** 

Quite a passionate movie, and not for the timid, it is a Spanish/Catalan film after all. The film takes focus on a lower-class Barrio in Barcelona, Spain in the 1980's, which is run by a mafia-esque group of ex-Spanish-legionnaires, which involves the younger (and very musical) generation who is coming to age and their trials, dreams, and tribulations to come to a very predictable conclusion, you leave the barrio, only to come back to the barrio. Won't give away anymore then that..don't miss this one. 
Trailer "El Triunfo" de Mireia Ros

Mireia Ros | Myspace Video

Feature song of the Day = 'Click Your Heels' by The Former Love Pirates

Today's song is...Click Your Heels, by Australian indie-rock band The Former Love Pirates. The Former Love Pirates come out of Sydney, Australia and consists of members Alex Keith, Alexi Collins, Glenn Buchanan, Jay Hitches, Kyle Lane, and Matt Kneller. Not a lot of info out there on this band, but if you want to look for yourself check out their Myspace page HERE, or head over to their Unearthed page HERE to find a free and legal mp3 download of this song and one other by this band. Cheers!Triple J Hottest 100 Vol 17

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Featured Song of the Day = 'Don't Steal Our Sun' by The Thrills

Today's featured song is...Don't Steal Our Sun by Irish indie-rock group The Thrills. The Thrills originally formed in Dublin, Ireland back in 2001 and the band consists of members Conor Deasy (vocals), Daniel Ryan (guitar), Padraic McMahon (bass guitar), Kevin Horan (pianist), and Ben Carrigan (drums). Don't Steal Our Sun was the fourth single off of their 2003 debut So Much for the City album. This song reached would peak at #45 on the UK Singles chart. So this one is already over 7 years old, but still worth posting here. If you like what you hear be sure to check out their Myspace page HERE.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brief Movie Review for 'Night Train to Munich (Gestapo)' (1940)

Night Train to Munich (Gestapo) (1940)
4/5 Stars ****
I enjoyed this one, and if you liked 'The Lady Vanishes,' you will like this one. This was even earlier, released in 1940, and at that point the War was still raging. The whole time I kept thinking how Rex Harrison reminded me of Jemaine Clement, and kept picturing him in that role, and Paul Henreid really reminded me of Kevin Spacey too...strange. Margaret Lockwood reminds me of someone too, but I can't quite put my finger on it. The scene on the Funicular/Teleferic was pretty awesome too, and the ending might surprise you too. Check this one out, especially if like older films. Sorry, couldn't find a trailer for this one....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Got No Charm' by The Words

Today's song is...Got No Charm, by Australian alternative-rock band The Words. The Words come out of Bunbury, in Western Australia, and consists of members Ben Macri (Lead Vocals, Guitars),  Clint Macri (Guitars, Backing Vocals), Dylan Macri (Guitars), and Ryan Mcdonnell (Drums, Percussion). Got No Charm comes off of their 2008 debut EP titled Running In a Maze, which is available on ITunes and Amazon, but if you want a lower quality free and legal mp3 download of this song (or a couple others) you can head over to their Unearthed page HERE, or just check out their Myspace page HERE for more info. Now, I am not for certain but their musical style reminds me personally of a mix of Third Eye Blind and Counting Crows, but I am referring to just a few elements in a few of their songs as they clearly have their own energy and unique sound. Check it!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today's Featured Song = 'Easy to Love' by The Jezabels

Today's song is...Easy to Love, by Sydney-based Australian indie-pop-rock group The Jezabels. The band formed originally back in 2007 where the members met at University and started up the group, which consists of Hayley Mary (vocals), Heather Shannon (piano/keyboard), Nik Kaloper (drums), and Samuel Lockwood (bass guitar). Easy to Love came off of their She's So Hard EP, which was released back in 2009, so its not a new song anymore, and they actually have more recently released another EP titled Dark Storm. If you fancy what you hear then head on to their myspace page HERE, or even their Facebook page HERE.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Steve Judd: January 2011 Global Astrological Forecast (for all signs)

I already posted the Yearly 2011 forecast a few days ago, and now this is the Global (all signs) forecast for the month of January 2011. For the individual sign forecasts, blog, and more go to Steve Judd's website HERE. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feature Song of the Day: 'What Do I Do' by Lanie Lane

Today's song is...What Do I Do by Australian pop-roots-blues-jazz singer-guitarist-songwriter Lanie Lane. Lanie Lane comes out of Sydney, Australia, and her musical style fits into many genres all at once. There is not a heap of biographical information on this artist, but I do highly recommend checking out her work, and if you are interested in finding out more about her you can go to her Unearthed page HERE, or her Facebook page HERE, or even her Myspace page HERE. Do note, that this song is still available as a free and legal MP3 download on her Unearthed page. Enjoy!
What Do I Do (Lanie Lane) from Lanie Lane on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feature Song of the Day = 'Back to Back' by Wolf Gang

Today's song is....Back to Back, by English indie-pop band Wolf Gang. Wolf Gang is primarily the project of 23 year old musician Max McElligot, is based out of London, UK, and tours live sets with former The Rakes drummer Lasse Petersen. Back to Back is one of the first few singles this band has produced. Rumor has it they are set to release their first full length LP titled Suego Faults in mid 2011, which has been written and recorded solely by McElligot, and produced by Dave Fridmann. I am definitely looking forward to the release of that album, and they are one of these groups that is seriously under-played but who have great talent and great songs. The band has been on tours with bands like Florence and the Machine, and Metric in the UK, as well as performing at festivals in Australia. Keep your eyes on this band, and for more band info, track previews, and even a free download of this song head to their myspace page HERE. Also I have posted 2 other songs on this vlog by Wolf Gang that are also worth checking out, so be sure to look those up too. Snap!

Brief Book Review for 'The Dark River' by John Twelve Hawks (2007)

The Dark River (2007
  by Author John Twelve Hawks
My Rating:  4/5 Stars ****

I just finished the second book in this Fourth Realm Trilogy, titled The Dark River (published in 2007) by mysterious author John Twelve Hawks. This book is a continuation of the first (titled The Traveler (2005)), and now I have just started to read the third. I highly recommend these books to anybody, though you may come out of reading them just a bit paranoid and worried about loss of privacy in the modern world we are ever-creating and expanding with all of the new technologies that allow one's every move and decision to be monitored, evaluated, and judged by artificial intelligence programs (great, just great!). This book, like the first, and I presume the 3rd as well, is an action-thriller and you will have trouble putting it down once you get into the story a bit, as you will constantly want to know what is going to happen next. There is a bit of a sci-fi touch to this book as well and the style is reminiscent of Dan Brown, although I am not sure author's like to be compared like that but that is my take after reading the first two books. Nonetheless, like Dan Brown's books, I can easily see this series being made into a movie trilogy. For more info on this book check out the wikipedia page HERE, and remember, its just a story....really......!

Song of the Day = 'As Far As You're Concerned' by Last Dinosaurs

Today's song is....As Far As You're Concerned by Australian alternative rock group Last Dinosaurs. Last Dinosaurs are a trio with a unique sound that come out of Brisbane Australia (aka Brissie or Bris-vegas). The band consists of Sean Caskey (vocals/guitar) Lach Caskey (guitar) Danjuro Koyama (drums) and Sam Gethin-Jones (bass). This song comes off of their EP called Back From the Dead, which was released in March 2010. They are meant to release a full length studio album here pretty soon, although I haven't been able to find a pending release date for that, and it most likely will be available only in Australia, however I would love to hear them get some airplay here in the USA, as well as the UK, but at least they are up on this vlog for now. Check out their EP, and if you like what you hear be sure to also check out their Myspace page HERE, as well as my previous posts on this vlog. Skål!